Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bathroom Re-Organization

I have posted in the past about very slllloooow ongoing kitchen reorganization. We are now deciding if we are going to get cabinets or replace our mobile butchers block with a bigger one. Until then, I am once again slowly organizing other parts of the house.

Both of our upstairs bathrooms are small, very small. The toilet, pedestal type sink and bathtub run the length of the bathroom, with very little space in between.. The width is as long as the tub. Both bathroms are the same way. In the "before" picture below, you can maybe see how tight the bathroom is. The sink is just out of frame. Our best option to add storage was an open shelf structure above the toilet. It holds a lot of stuff, but it is an eyesore. Since it is the hall bath, that is the one company uses, and it was a little embarrassing!!

Before. I forgot to take a pic until after I had started!

The bathroom reorganization was prompted by my mom.  I think she got tired of looking at all our our junk while she was here lol! We went out and she bought some bins. I decided on the more eclectic but matching style. I am so not a mtachy-matchy person! I went through each shelf and ended up with a huge bag of items that weren't needed in the bathroom at all.

After. So neat!

I maximized space by putting a small bin inside a larger bin (seen on the top left). The small bin holds my free samples - shampoos, lotions and other sundries. The larger one keeps cups, cotton balls, and larger boxes of bandaids together. On the middle shelf, the left bin holds makeup that I actually use (aka a million lipglosses), and the one of the right holds all of my hair items. You can see what the bottom shelf holds.

This was soooo simple, inexpensive, and it didn't take very long to do. As a bonus, the bathroom looks a lot brighter! Major thanks to my mom for being the catalyst I needed to get this done.


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