Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday 2011 - I Survived Unscathed!

Did any of you go shopping on Black Friday? This was the first time in awhile I did a store opening - in fact, due to the new midnight opening times, I pulled an all nighter!! and I had such a great time! The best part is that I paid cash for everything, except BRU and, of course, Kohls. Below is a long summary of my night that I posted on a message board (edited to remove items I bought since people I buy for read my blog). I'd love to hear your experiences.

Started at 8:30 p.m. at the outlets, for B&BW, which opened at 9:30 (the mall itself opened at 10). It WAS DEAD in the entire place. At 10 p.m., the mall was giving out $10 gcs to the first 100 in line... I was 4th. Pretty good but by 10 I was frozen and my legs hurt. Went to a few stores there then headed out at about 11. By then it was busy outside but the stores themselves were not too packed.

Kohl's was next, right next to the outlets. Got there and NO LINE :?: :?: because everyone was in their car! What is the fun of BF if you are not going to stand outside? And at that point, it really was not too cold. Deciding what to do, a car pulled up next to me, 4 people get out and go to the doors. I couldn't really see them b/c of the cars, so I figured i'd just get out and go wait behind them... only to see them walking back from the end of the store. They asked me if Kohl's sold electronics... lol then left. So I ended up being the lame-o standing out there by myself for 15 min until others got out of their cars. TMI lady was behind me, annoying. Needed to get a dress for my NY Cares girl... but all they had was sleeveless!! What??? It is winter lol Got a sweater instead and a few other incidentals.

Had a lot of time to kill until Sears opened at 4, so I swung by Target. DH had bought the doorbuster online we wanted, so I was just casually looking for DVDs and sheets and the Pyrex set! On the way, my tummy started hurting female issue, so I needed to buy some Motrin. Parking lot was INSANE, lines INSANE, store packed. Had nothing left pretty much. Stood in line to buy my products then realized I could get them in Walgreens or CVS with no line, duh. Went to put them back on the shelf and the pharmacy register was open! So a quick checkout and I started feeling better soon.

Onto the walmart next door, same thing, DVDS, sheets, Pyrex. got a great parking space,and a nice lady gave me her cart. There was still a line to get in, had 5 frat guys behind me. Had no idea what personal space meant, and they were breathing on me and standing next to my cart. Ugh. They had fences up in a zig zag pattern to prevent rushing the store - smart. Store was chaotic, lots of people. Nothing I wanted, DVDs were picked over, no pyrex left.

Was almost 2 by now, and I needed coffee. Drove by fast food, panera, dunkin donuts, the diner... all closed. I had read that Starbucks would be open, but it was closed too. so I figured I'd just go to the other Target which had a Starbucks. Oh, like heaven,and I was good to go the rest of the night. That Target was quiet and had a bunch of doorbusters still! got my Pyrex :o and a DVD for DH. 2 people ahead of me in line... it was like a regular Target trip.

Off to Sears, messed up on times so I stood in line at 3 instead of closer to 4. Two guys in front of me, they were nice but I was mad i didn't stay in the car longer! The manager came our and moved us, about 3:30 more people were lining up. The best part was the mgr. came out to assess the items and see if they had enough for those in line - everyone was saying they were there for snowblowers, TVs, toolboxes... and all I wanted was baby pajamas lol! Glad I was there so early b/c they hardly had any, and I had been wanting them for awhile and they were $5 each! I think I was supposed to get the ornament but didn't say anything. It woulda be an Christmas present anyway lol

Then to Babies R Us for the 5 a.m. opening. It was 4:30 and NOBODY was there. I was the only car in the lot. I thought w/the diaper and wipes deal it would be packed. By 4:45, there were 3 other cars. Got out and waited. So odd. Bought the wipes, diaper genie refill, Gerber formula, gift card. In, out and back on my way home, with one more store to go.

STAPLES. I had to get some items. It was FREEZING and windy by then. 30 min to wait, they let people in 10 mins early, one to 3 at a time. But I was able to grab both and finally go home!!! Slept in til 11:30. Had to go to a birthday party at 1, ugh. 

Sorry for the book! But I have not pulled an all nighter BF in awhile! I had so much fun though. Total success. Can't wait for next year!


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