Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 7/16/12

Skipped last week, and it showed with all of the "What's for dinner?"s being thrown around. And all of the snacky and frozen meals we had last week def. showed it. So no laziness this week! here is the plan:

Monday: Pasta Casserole from the freezer (cooking chicken in the crock to shred later)
Tuesday:  Cheezy Ritzy Chicken (a recipe I "created" but didn't take pics of, so I am making it again!)
Wednesday: Pizza Quesadillas
Thursday:  leftover Ritzy Chicken
Friday:  Cream Cheese Chicken (crock pot)

I do not cook on weekends! Saturday  we are going out for Jeff's birthday, to one of the best local restaurants. Sunday will be leftovers from that meal!

Last week I made DIY Chocolate Syrup (ok not really baking!). And it turned out pretty good!
Yesterday I made: Peanut Butter Cake Bars (dinner at MILs!)

Next week is Jeff's birthday!! He wants a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting... Anyone have any delicious recipes?

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