Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Radical Review Wednesday: Nabisco MilkBite Bars

 Have you guys seen the commercials starring this little guy? His name is Mel ,and he is the Nabisco MilkBite bar.  He is so adorable!!! I love the commercial with him on a blind date. :) The commercials worked for me!  I eat granola bars every day, so I like trying all of the new varieties that come out, and granola bars that need to be refrigerated intrigued me.

What a MilkBite bar really looks like
Being a huge peanut butter fan, I chose the peanut butter variety. And they were DELICIOUS!! So creamy - you can tell that they are made with milk. The taste was similar to those no bake peanut butter oatmeal cookies. It seemed very indulgent. The downside is that thy are very hard to find, and for the same price as granola bars that have 8 bars in them, the MilkBite bars only have include 5 bars in a box. and 5 bars makes it more difficult to share with 2 people!

Nutrition info:
• Made with real milk
• 30% daily value of Calcium
• 5g of Protein
• Good source of Fiber and Vitamin D
• No artificial flavor, colors or preservatives
• 7g of Whole Grains per bar

For more information, check out the MilkBite Web site and friend Mel on Faebook!

All of the MilkBite flavors


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