Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Insane

This week has been INSANE!!! My work schedule is all messed up, we've gone away and done some shopping, Jeff's been having a crazy time at work (and I broke down at work yesterday!) and tomorrow there's a luncheon and presentation at work THEN a big meeting. So I am way behind on e-mails and posts and kinda going crazy. This weekend I hope to catch up!!!

This week will all be worth it because tomorrow evening - a friend is in town, so tomorrow night we're going to see a show (Promises, Promises - Kristen Chenowith AND Sean Hayes!!) and going out to dinner w/him.I THINK we are going to Juniors - and YES the cheesecake is as good as they say! THEN Sunday we're hopefully getting together with him again to go to the Central Park Zoo and Shake Shack,which we've never been to. Weight Watchers? What Weight Watchers? LOL ugh.

Bad week, then we went to J's dept.'s work picnic. We actually did a good job food-wise, but it was so, so hard to be around all those cute babies and little kids, not to mention the2 pregnant people there. And here I am, cramping, and definitely not pregnant. Bleh. Someday, right? :)

Ok, to stop this text and end on a higher note, here's a pic of the pricklepants J bought at the Disney Store. They were all out of peas in the pod :( so I got a Buttercup! So cute!!


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