Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three NEW Blogmania sponsors!!!

Wooo, so excting! My list of sponsors is growing!!

My latest sponsors are:
ListPlanIt - All the lists you could think of and more! I have been playing round with it this morning and am in love! A full review will be coming in a few weeks when I get chance to really use it, but as soon as this post is done i will be printing off a few lists!!

My second sponsor is Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. This sauce is delicious!!!And a full review will be forthcoming.

And last but so definitely not least is Cowgirl Chocolates. Chocolate and spice and everything nice! lol. I won these in a blog giveaway awhile ago and gobbled them right up. (The not as spicy ones - the spicy ones I just took a tiny bite before Jeff gobbled them up!!).

I am still looking for more kitchen/baking/cooking related sponsors. Catch the Blogmania Fever and click the Contact Me link above if you'd like to be a sponsor!!

Also, mEasy Lunchboxes review will be up this weekend!!


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