Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Insanity Continues!!!

This crazy week goes on...
Tuesday, J and I went to the optometrist... new glasses for both! We went to the Dr. we were supposed to go to last time (instead they had scheduled us with a different one who we didn't like), we we both loved her!! That night we met up w/the in-laws for the pancake supper at church. Yummy!!

Since I have no pics of anything in this post, here are a few of the baby! This was at a playdate on Sunday, and no that is not his toy, silly baby!

Wednesday, we got some shopping and laundry done. Sometimes those days are the busiest! I am proud that I should have to spend very little for food in March. Trying to change our attitude and laziness lol so far so good, I think.  Menu plan went awry when I forgot to defrost the chicken. Oopsie lol but we did use up a few odds nad ends so that was good.

We also did some more babyproofing this week... he screamed when he realized he couldn't get in the coffee table anymore, but he hasn't tried since!
Today was city day!! We saw a taping of The Chew and yes, Clinton Kelly is just as gorgeous in person!! We had to dress up all fancy because it was for the Oscar show. And i got blisters :( The sohw airs tomorrow, Friday, we will be on TV! We got a lot of great swag, including one of Wolfgang Puck's chocolate Oscars, coated in 24k gold! Only available at the Oscar afterparty. Pic below. For lunch, we ate at The Palm using a gift card I won a few years ago from NYC Single Mom. The food was good, and we only had to pay for our drinks, sweet!!!

So pretty. So edible! 24k gold dusted chocolate Oscar, thank you Wolfgang Puck!
and I want to mention that the train home was packed, and a nice man let me sit by him, which was wonderful for my feet, and I had a good time listening to him chatter. I was surprised that someone actually offered up a seat to a woman! (It was an extra eat - but he did offer to stand so Jeff could sit next to me!)

Tomorrow, Friday, we are getting our taxes done. wooo. It will be an adventure as always. Our wonderful tax gal is an hour away, and so we go to the mall and eat at Bobby's Burger Palace and make a short day of it. However, Jeff realized that we had a gift certificate to John Harvard's Brew House so we are going there.

And that is why I have not updated in 4 days!!!! LOL

I will leave you with a pic of Baby E (hardly a baby anymore!) and his new trick - he has added to his "puss" face (pursing his lips and blowing up his cheeks). He now also closes one eye, so I have dubbed it the pirate puss. He is seriously the cutest and funniest baby EVER!!!!

Cracks me up every. time!

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  1. I love the "pirate puss"!
    I'm watching The Chew right now. Looks like a fun show to be in the audience for!