Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 2/20/12

This week is a busy week - Jeff is off for break so there is always a million things to do! The plus is that I won't have to cook too much! Huzzah!!!

Monday: I will be cooking chicken in the crock to shred for the future, but we will be going out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner - gift card and 2 free slices of cheesecake YUM (as a side note - I will be going out shopping without the baby and I am sooo excited!!!)
Tuesday: All-you-can-eat pancakes at church for the start of Lent
Wednesday: Italian Style Chicken Dinner
Thursday: We are going to a taping of The Chew!!! It is Oscar themed so we will be all dressed up. We are going to Primeburger on the advice of a friend (yes you, we heard about it from you long before him <3 )
Friday: We are getting our taxes done which means one thing: Bobby's Burger Palace!! for lunch So dinner will be something light.
Saturday: leftover Italian Style Chicken
Sunday: Perdue chicken nuggets!

Dessert... I will post my VDay dessert this week (It was a doozy!). This week I need to make my daring baker item. And for some reason we have peanut butter cookie dough in the fridge, so I think I will make something with that. Take advantage of J. being around!!

Here is to a fabulous week!
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