Friday, February 24, 2012

Our First Goose Egg

ah, yes, this morning, Emmett got his very first goose egg on his forehead! We had 10 minutes until we had to go to our tax appt. (an hour away, if you remember, plus it was pouring rain). I was carrying him across the bedroom and tripped on the comforter... I fell into the dresser, hit my arm (which still hurts) and skinned my elbow on the edge of the drawers, and poor Emmett went head first into the side of the dresser. He cried and cried, and it was so hreatbreaking! We called the dr., and the nurse said that as long as he cried, wasn't vomiting, his eyes weren't crossed and he had an appetite then he was ok. It was scary for awhile though!

I tried to take a picture tonight, not sure if you can see it. It still is tender for him (I assume, since he doesn't like it when I touch it) but the swelling is down and it is just red. Poor guy!!!



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