Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six and Twelve...

I went to a Valentine's craft and brunch moms meetup yesterday. I found  recipes on the Internet for Funfetti heart cookies and red velvet cake batter dip. Sounded good so I made them for the meetup. and i was going to share them w/whoever is still reading this blog!

But I didn't really like them. The cookies were very bland to me. I should have used my own (awesome) cut out cookie recipe. And the dip was ok. Red velvet isn't my fave but the dip just seemed eh.

I took them anyway - I needed to bring something. And the moms loved them! One literally had 5 cookies dipped in the dip! Which made me realize that just because I think it's bad doesn't mean everyone will. We all have different tastes!  (DUH LB!!)

Two days later, the cookies taste better, I guess a little stale works for them? (I would still use my recipe though) and the batter dip is not too bad, once it warms up for awhile. And it made A LOT!!!

Here is a pic... do you want me to share the recipe? I am still undecided!!

funfetti heart cookies and red velvet cake mix dip


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